26 November 2018

ANA-Vinci, Aeroportos de Portugal, visits the Netherlands for inspiration and new ideas

A delegation of the direction of Lisbon Airport paid a visit to the Netherlands on November 15th and 16th. This visit was a direct result of the efforts of the NAG and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lisbon, Portugal to have the Portuguese  experience the DUTCH airport capabilities first hand.

Following last year’s successful trade mission with the royal couple NAG designed a program showcasing our national airports sector’s innovations and strengths. The group indicated to be very interested and that is was looking for innovations, new ideas and inspiration for the capacity challenges they face at Lisbon airport and the possibilities for the development of a second airport in Lisbon.

We offered them a program with a design thinking session at the Industrial Design faculty of the TU Delft and visits to NACO, NLR and Schiphol airport. At several occasions selected companies were asked to join the program. Thursday night a networking cocktail was hosted by the Portuguese Embassy in the Hague.

All in all the direction of ANA was impressed with the program and expressed a vivid interest in a continuing relationship with the Dutch industry for future airport developments.