8 February 2021

Brazil: December / January 2021 news

By Marcelo Cantor

We’ve ended 2020 with the air sector operating with
80% capacity compared to the same period last year,
in a pre-covid scenario. Overall, there was a drop of
52% compared to 2019.

This is an important recovery confirmed by the
Secretary of Civil Aviation forecast. These are
impressive numbers compared to other countries in
South America.

As of the second half of December, in the high season,
the expectations were confirmed with more growth in
domestic flights, especially to touristic destinations,
such as beaches in the Northeast and South regions.

As for international flights, in December the airlines
operated at around 45% of the level registered in
December 2019. The recovery is slower for
international flights as it depends on other markets,
such as Latin America, USA and Europe.

The second stage of the recovery will be sub-regional
tourism, with routes between Brazilian cities and cities
in South America, such as Argentina, Chile and

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