30 January 2017 D2RAGON

Dennis Scott of Comac visits the Netherlands

Dennis Scott of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) was invited by the NAG to have discussions with leading Dutch aerospace companies regarding industrial co-operation with China.

Meetings with Fokker, ADSE, Dutch Shape, NLR, Blok Group, Airworks, TenCate, The Innovation Quarter, DTC and The Ministry of Economic Affairs, were held over two days

Subjects ranged from research and development collaboration opportunities to ongoing industrial programmes.

The theme was how to bridge the cultural and communication gaps and improve the effectiveness of joint activities. Many of these discussions followed dialogues and workshops held previously at the Dutch Consulate in Shanghai and at the recent Zhuhai Airshow in China.

A highlight of these latest sessions was the proposal to develop a dual site, collaboration centre, one based in the Netherlands and one in Shanghai. These centres would become focal points for both academic and industrial initiatives, including the potential for exchange programmes and consulting projects. Mr Scott emphasized the need to create pilot projects as a mechanism to develop and execute tangible co-operation activities, whilst demonstrating real value to all parties. In China it is very important to demonstrate success. Once achieved, it would be much easier to expand the number and scope of these collaboration initiatives.

The next event relating to Dutch-China collaboration will be a NAG mission to China 20-24th March 2017.

The NAG would like to thank Mr Scott for supporting these important relationship development activities.