11 April 2016

Dutch-Shape buys Europe’s biggest milling machine

Dutch-Shape has purchased a new milling machine. At 26x6x3 metres in size, it is the largest milling machine in Europe. The new machine will be located in a new production hall. According to the planning schedule, the machine will be delivered and commissioned this summer.

In terms of its dimensions, this new milling machine is unique, as is its 10-axis control. The milling machine has two portals that each allow 5-axis milling. This new machine means Dutch-Shape can respond to increasing demand from aircraft manufacturers for larger and more complex aircraft components. For instance, they require wing and fuselage parts to be made of fewer segments. With the purchase of this new machine, which can produce complex, double-folded 3-dimensional products, Dutch-Shape can easily meet this demand. Of course, Dutch-Shape’s total capacity also increases with this new machine.

Source: www.dutch-shape.nl