29 October 2020

Eezeetags certainly still believes in a prosperous future!

“Speaking of the prosperous future: we still strongly believe in that at eezeetags®!”

– Borry Vrieling, Founder and managing director eezeetags®

Last week we received a positive message from our member eezeetags®. Due to the corona crisis, they too have to deal with a, we may say dramatically, declining turnover. Nevertheless, they have welcomed two beautiful new customers in the past month.

“The long-delayed but finally almost operational Berlin Airport has opted for eezeetags®,” says Borry. “Also airline Emirates has finally changed tracks, which is actually very special, given the high personal service nature of Emirates. Because of COVID-19, they have decided to equip the home base in Dubai with a self-service bag drop system. This was unthinkable last year!
Together we are ‘forced’ to choose a different approach due to changing circumstances and at eezeetags® we try to respond to this. Where first customer experience is the expectation and goal, now the focus is mainly on health & safety.”

Through advertising, presence on LinkedIn and in various newsletters, eezeetags® stays in contact with its (potential) customers. They are also not afraid to experiment with new ways of communication. “We soon will be participating in a virtual trade show. An interesting new challenge for us. For example, we had to completely adjust the design of our stand, but that also makes it fun and challenging.”

Despite the major impact of the crisis, Borry remains positive. “What I want to pass on to everyone: Celebrate the small successes. This situation creates changes and therefore also opportunities. It can create space for ideas you already had but the industry wasn’t ready for. In the difficult playing field we operate in, the airport industry, this situation may speed up decisions and create new partnerships. While our two new customers are understandably not delivering the high volume of tags yet, it still indicates that the future is looking bright. ”

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