15 November 2017

Find out about the business opportunities in the Henan province

On September 22nd , a delegation of Henan Zhengzhou International Airport in China paid a visit to the NAG office in Delft.

The airport, at a two hours flight from both Beijing and Shanghai,  is in the process of a large expansion and investing in (amongst many other things) a surrounding industrial zone, traveller experience, equipment and transit services.

The group was given a presentation about the NAG and its members, aviation history in the Netherlands and of course the products and services the Dutch infrastructure can provide.

The presentations, by board members Anke Mattijssen, Johan Godin, Naco and NAG were well received. It’s important to stress the Chinese were informed about many of the products and services the Dutch Airports industry can offer.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities for your company in the Henan province, don’t hesitate to contact Daan Sjerp, Business Development Manager at NAG, for details and contacts.

Daan Sjerp, Business Development Manager
Tel.: +31 (0)88 1976 106
E-mail: daan.sjerp@nag.aero