28 May 2024

Highlights General Members Assembly

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Today one of our most important events of the year, our General Members Assembly (GMA) took place. Thanks to KLM E&M for hosting the meeting and Marjorie Milovic, Linda Bos en Paul Chün for the great welcome & organization! Before the meeting the members had the opportunity to visit Hangar 14 of KLM E&M or LVNL.

After a welcome by Paul Chün of the Technology Hub of KLM E&M, the formal part of the General Members Assembly started.

During the formal part of the GMA, Frank Jansen and Lex Besselink announced all the information about the office, board, the opening of the new office of LRN & NAG & LiT, the selection of a topic 2024 for the Hoefslag meetings, the budget and activities. Frank introduced one new member: Driessen Catering Services. Ron van Baaren was elected as successor to the Board of Jan Verbeek (both ADSE). Liselotte Zoetmulder, Mark Ommert, Amal Tourabi, Peter Kortbeek/Jan Verbeek and Denise informed the members about respectively International Business Development Support, Young NAG updates, Opening Airbus Technology Hub, Update Ecosystem & National Collective Business Plan, Opportunity to co-determine next NLR Research Aircraft.

In the meeting, Liselotte Zoetmulder said goodbye. Thank you very much for your commitment iselotte and good luck in your new position.
The theme of the informal part of the GMA was Opportunities for Dutch Industry in “Cabin of the future” total life cycle approach with a duo presentation of Paul Chün and Ronald Sweers, Airbus Cabin Product Director and presentations by Richard Brandwijk, director Egmond Plastics and Derk-Jan van Heerden, Founder & Board Member Aethos. After that there was a lively panel discussion with the speakers.

We also extend our thanks to Jan verbeek for his dedication to the board for more than ten years; we value his invaluable contributions and commitment.

The meeting ended with a network drink & a delicious dinner buffet.