12 November 2019

Improving Quality (IQ) Cluster 2019

Improving Quality (IQ) Cluster
Once a year, the NAG organizes a network meeting for everyone in the Aerospace & Airport Development sector who works in Quality. We would like to thank Technobis Fibre Technologies for hosting this years session at their facility in Alkmaar! The theme of this meeting was: How to ensure that risk- and safety management is properly anchored within your organization.’’

The presentations that were given as an introduction to this theme can be found below.


Robert-Paul Boer, Quality Manager at Technobis Fibre Technologies – ‘’Supply Base Risk Management: Extend your Organization. Engage with your supplier!’

Warner van der Veer – Jehee VP Safety & Quality KLM Engineering & Maintenance and Verena Six –’The ABC of behaviour and consequences’’

Ron Racké, Head of Quality Systems & Airworthiness GKN Aerospace ASEA –‘’Safety first!’  

After these initial presentations we split up into 3 different groups to have a more in-depth discussion. The subjects and results of these discussions can be found below.

Robert-Paul Boer How do you manage your supply base risks?
Warner van der Veer – Jehee & Verena Six – Management involvement
Ron Racké – Deployment success, what works and what doesn’t

During the break, Technobis also gave 3 short presentations about their activities and gave a short demonstration of their current project.

We would like to thank everyone that attended for their active participation in this session.

If you’d like to attend these meetings in the future please contact Wilma Pronk at: Wilma.pronk@nag.aero