14 October 2019

Information Session About REACH

On October 7th, 2019, an information session was held concerning REACH. The theme of this meeting was to find out what the effect of REACH is on your business operations. The NAG also wanted to know what we can do to help you with REACH. We would like to thank the ‘’Vereniging Industrieel Oppervlaktebehandelend Nederland’’ (ION) for hosting this meeting in Nieuwegein.

To help participants see the ways REACH affects them and help them get an understanding about how you can make sure your company works in compliance with the REACH agreement we invited experts in this field to give presentations.

  • Nel Verstoep, Program Manager REACH at KLM Engineering & Maintenance, ‘’Why is REACH important for the Aerospace Industry’’
  • Egbert Stremmelaar, Managing Director at ION, ‘’How are the interests of the Dutch industry protected in REACH’’
  • Jan Wijmenga, Senior Policy Advisor Chemical Substance Safety at I&W, ‘’How does the government assess the authorization applications?’’

For more information about working with chemicals we would like to  refer you to the presentations above but also the governmental website: www.chemischestoffengoedgeregeld.nl