23 September 2016

InHolland Delft Alumni Day

1 October 2016 the ‘Alumni day’ will take place to honour the 50th anniversary of V.S.V. Sipke Wynia study association, the 80th anniversary of the ‘Luchtvaarttechnologie’ study program and the 10-year existence of the Aeronautical Engineering study course (English stream).

On this day all the students and graduates of ‘Luchtvaarttechnologie’ and Aeronautical Engineering (the English stream) will be invited. During this day it is possible for students to expand their professional network and for Alumni to see old friends again. The alumni also get the possibility of a guided tour through the Inholland building to see all the interesting sights the study has to offer indoors.

InHolland Delft tries to unveil what effect the past has had on the future of aviation and how the industry developed over the past years. They have done this according to a theme which is ‘Creating the future from the past’.
During the day an exposition of student projects of Inholland and interesting company projects will be displayed. The day will end with the opening of the new composite-lab of Inholland.
Alumni and former teachers of both studies are going to attend the day and there will be plenty of time to meet each other again and bring back old memories and stories. Besides this also students will be invited. This makes it possible for them to gain new contacts and meet alumni to either hear old stories or expand their professional network and possibly even find ideas for an internship.


The alumni day will take place at the Inholland facilities in Delft (Rotterdamseweg 141). The program starts at 12 pm and will end 6 pm. During the day it is possible to get a guided tour through Inholland, see student projects and speak old friends. The exact planning will be published on this website, as soon as the schedule is fixed an announcement will be sent by mail.


If you would like to attend this event, kindly requested to register yourself on the V.S.V. Sipke Wynia website this makes it easier to estimate the amount of their visitors. Of course the alumni day is free of charge!
Make sure to invite all of your fellow graduates and as many people as you know because unfortunately InHolland Delft does not have all the mail addresses. So they kindly ask you for this favour, thank you in advance.