2 November 2016

Interesting guest lecture by René van Doorn

On Monday 24th of October our chairman René van Doorn gave a guest lecture at the University of Utrecht with the subject “Aerospace – Networks & Networking NL”. This lecture was all about the developments in the global aviation, the Dutch aviation industry and her embedding in networks of industry leaders including Airbus. This lecture was given for the students of the Master programme Economic Geography of the faculty Geosciences. A lot of its students and even some of our members showed up for his lecture and filled the room.

He started the presentation by introducing the sector to the audience. To test their knowledge, he asked them a few questions about the sector beforehand. He enhanced this by telling them facts about the sector from a global and national perspective.

As the lecture went further, he got deeper into the subject andexplained the characteristics of the sector, their particularities and the consequences for companies and knowledge institutes active in our sector. He finished by telling the audience about the national and European perspective on companies and knowledge institutes working in networks such as ACM, LR Systems, and TAPAS. The session concluded with an overview of where these developments may lead to, and what the conditions are to make cooperation in networks between partners successful.

At the end, there was an opportunity for the students to ask questions. The enthusiastic René van Doorn together with the attentive audience, made it a successful lecture.