29 April 2019

Introduction course aviation

On Thursday 25 April, the NAG organized the introduction course aviation at Aviodrome in Lelystad. With different speakers from the sector there was a varied and interesting program for the participants.

The presentations were given in a replica of the Schiphol building from 1928 with views of various aircrafts such as a Fokker 100 and a DOUGLAS C-54A SKYMASTER. The presentations dealt with various topics within the aviation sector, these topics were:

  • Historical perspective and future (Joris Melkert, TU Delft)
  • Technology – development, production and maintenance (Jan Verbeek, ADSE)
  • Developments in the market (Tineke Bakker – van der Veen, Boeing)
  • Airports – baggage as a service (Rob Houben, former director of Vanderlande)
  • Infrastructure and government (Hendrik Jan Tiecken, RVO)
  • Interest groups (Frank Jansen, NAG)

After the first three presentations, it was time for lunch, followed by a tour of the site and the Aviodrome museum. The tour went along the different aircrafts that Aviodrome has and the history of aviation in the Netherlands with a lot of attention for Fokker.

After the tour three more presentations followed, after which it was time for a group assignment. The participants were divided into four groups with the intention that each group thought about an aircraft and / or airport of the future. This was worked out on paper and presented to the other groups. Afterwards there was eternal fame and a photo opportunity for the winner. To conclude, there was a drink and dinner in which the participants had the time to network and were awarded a certificate for participation.