8 February 2017

Kick-off for possible joint activities on Brazilian market

On January 31st the NAG organised a round table to discuss activities for the Brazilian aerospace and airport sector. The meeting was supported by Nasrat Popal of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and NAG’s representative in Brazil, Marcelo Cantor. Fourteen members participated in the Round Table session.

The meeting focused on the developments, members’ experiences and possible joint activities for the Brazilian aerospace and airport development sector. Marcelo Cantor informed the members about developments in the Brazillian aerospace and airport industry. It is expected that the economy will slowly recover in 2017, according to Cantor. Investments in aerospace and infrastructure will follow. Amongst other, there will be an auction for the concession of four airports in March this year.

Nasrat Popal of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency followed up on his visit to Brazil late last year. The Brazilian-Dutch Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was extended and the local network of the Dutch government is keen to support any joint activities undertaken by the Dutch industry on the Brazilian aerospace and airport market. The Partnership for International Business can potentially be a supporting platform from the government.

In addition, NAG is renewing a cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster to foster the cooperation among Brazilian and Dutch (SME) companies.

A group of six members will take the initiative to investigate possibilities for a further collective approach on the Brazilian market. If you are interested in Brazil, please contact Sjoerd Keizerwaard from the NAG office or Marcelo Cantor, NAG’s representative in Brazil.

A similar initiative is undertaken for the Middle East. The Round Table Middle East will take place on Friday, February 17th at the NAG office.