29 September 2020

Look back introduction course aviation

On Thursday 24 September, the NAG organized the introduction course aviation at Aviodrome in Lelystad for the 6th time.

The introduction course was the first live gathering since COVID-19. Both the participants and the Aviodrome adhered to the measures. The presentations took place in the Uiverzaal where there normally is place for up to 400 people. More than enough distance possible for our 26 participants!

In the different presentations every aspect of aviation was covered. In this way there was a varied and interesting program. The topics of presentations were:

  • Historical perspective and future (Joris Melkert – TU Delft)
  • Developments in the market from the perspective of the OEM (Abdel Yazri – Embraer)
  • Operations (Tim ten Velde – KLM)
  • Job Market (Geert Boosten – Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
  • Technology – develop, produce and maintain – (Jan Verbeek – ADSE)
  • Airports (Anke Matijssen – Deerns)
  • Interest groups – government (Frank Jansen – NAG)

After the first four presentations, it was time for lunch, followed by a tour of the Aviodrome museum. The tour was given by the speakers of the introduction course. After the tour three more presentations followed, after which it was time for a group assignment. The participants were divided into four groups with the intention that each group thought about an aircraft and / or airport of the future. This was worked out on paper and presented to the other groups. Very surprising design were presented. The winner of the group assignment was group number 4. Vincent Droog, Hanne Koole, Eric Sliphorst, Katie van der Marel, Marcel van Schaik, Ton Hereijgers en Brian Velda. Afterwards the participants were awarded a certificate for participation. To conclude, there was drink and diner in which the participants had the time to network.

The introduction course was a big success, with many positive reactions. During the certificate ceremony each participant was asked to describe the introduction course in one word. ‘Educational’, ‘interesting’ and ‘binding’ are few of the many reactions from the participants.

Helen Jong from Stanton Chase said: “The Aviation introduction course was a day in which knowledge and connection were central. We had a unique opportunity to learn more about the various interrelated parts of Dutch aviation.”

Shamim Ramdjan from Marshall Aerospace was very pleased with the speakers: “Apart from telling about the history of the aviation world, the students could also experience it. The speakers are very enthusiastic about their part. It felt like I was back in school and being prepared for an exam, which is a good thing! I would recommend this course to anyone who shares a passion for aviation and of course to any new employee.”