22 October 2020

Look back online HR-Cluster meeting

On October 21th, 2020 the online HR-Cluster  meeting took place. The purpose of this meeting was gaining knowledge by sharing experiences and insights about the major HR challenges our organizations are experiencing due to COVID-19. The subjects that were discussed were: well-being, internal mobility, connectedness, maintaining motivation, planning for an uncertain future and costs.

The 16 participants were a good balance between HR Managers and General Managers. To get the discussion started, there were 3 speakers who shared their experiences. Isabelle Clarke-Meerwaldt, Regional Manager Human Resources Proponent; Marguerite Kortland, HR Manager Airborne International B.V. and Maurice Taks, Managing Partner WFS PRO. Special conversations and discussions were triggered by questions from the participants. New ideas arose and tips were shared to help each other in the difficult times we are in. The meeting was a unique opportunity to help each other and gain relevant knowledge and thereby guide your company through the crisis. As a result, all participants confirmed their interest in a follow-up to this session. A date and invitation for the follow-up meeting will follow soon!