24 May 2018

Looking back: General Members Assembly May 17, 2018

At the NAG we are happy to have such involved and active members. With a special thanks to our hosts Aeronamic B.V. and EMS Evolves for welcoming us so warmly on Thursday the 17th of May. They put in a lot of effort to organize the location with very tasty catering. Thanks to that, we were able to welcome over 90 people during this day!

Before the official program, AELS- Aircraft End of Life Services- offered our members the possibility to visit their facilities at Twente Airport. A fascinating insight in the dismantling of airplanes that are no longer in service. We were allowed to see, touch and ask everything we wanted. A Boeing747 was towed in to demonstrate the complexity of responsible dismantling of aircrafts. All in all a very interesting and educative start of the day.

Visiting AELS facilities at Twente Airport

We started our assembly with a tasty Italian inspired lunch.

Italian inspired lunch

Our members were able to catch up during the lunch and meet the NAG team. At 12.30 we started with the official General Assembly, welcomed by René van Doorn (chairman of the Board) and further led by Frank Jansen (Managing Director). Several subjects regarding our members and activities were discussed, such as the Annual Report of 2017. Curious how we organized our office, what new members joined and what interesting activities we organized in 2017? Watch it here, it will only take you 2 minutes!

Frank Jansen led the official part of the General Assembly

After the official Assembly we welcomed more guests, among whom were potential members, start-ups and members of Niedersachsen Aviation. We enjoyed the interesting, informative and humorous presentation of Joris Melkert, senior lecturer Aerospace Engineering  at the TU Delft. He demonstrated his realistic view on the future of aviation; “don’t expect too much”. What can we expect for the future of aviation, what is realistic and what will take years of developing? How about sustainability, electric flying etc. For people who want to read this interesting presentation, it is available: Presentation NAG 17 May 18 Joris Melkert.

Presentation by Joris Melkert

After the informative presentation of Joris, Frank Jansen interviewed our hosts Steffen de Vries (Aeronamic) and Leon Lagendijk (EMS Evolves) about their companies, background and their view on aviation. We got a unique look behind the scenes of these companies during the guided tour through the facilities of EMS end Aeronmic showed once more that the Dutch Aviation Industry acts on a very high level.

EMS demonstrated innovative storage solutions for hydrogen and production of composites and metal. Techniques like flow forming, electron beam welding and heat treatments were shown and explained to the visitors.

Guided Tour at EMS

At Aeronamic the visitors were presented with the latest technologies for precision engineering and mro-services of aircraft products and components. Among the demonstrated techniques were 3d-printing, over-speed testing and Balancing, shot peening, fluorescent penetrant inspection. Special attention was given to the Lean processes of the services and production.

Guided Tour at Aeronamic

The matchmake was the final part of our program. Especially for this part of our program, we invited members of our sister organization Niedersachsen Aviation to join. During the five rounds of the matchmake, there have been many conversations. A valuable way to effectively speak to many people in a short time. We received a lot of positive feedback about the matchmake, so this is definitely something to organize more often.


We closed this successful day with a networking drinks and tasty dinner. We thank all our members who attended our General Assembly and all others who visited as well!