25 June 2024

Meet our new colleague Mariska Mooijekind

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Our new colleague Mariska just embarked on the role of Project Manager International Events. In this role she will be organising international trade missions and participating in international events such as trade fairs. Let’s explore what drove her to join our team, her ambitions for the role, and get a peek into her personal interests outside of work.

1. Can you share a bit about your background and previous experiences?

My work experience lies mainly in international events, within the medical industry. Previously I have worked for a number of associations and in close collaboration with commercial companies on, for example, sponsorship arrangements and project funding. I have organised small scale workshops (up to 250 pers.) from A to Z to as well as arranged for exhibitor booths at larger congresses. In addition to this, over the years I have been involved in both marketing and communications and have a personal interest in psychology. I believe in collaboration and in that spirit I value all parts of the chain. As a connector I enjoy bringing together people with shared interests.

2. What inspired you to join our team/NAG?

NAG is an association with an international focus, within an thriving industry. The sector is of great interest to our country and my region. I am therefore looking forward to contributing to the networking, representation & lobbying, innovation and sustainability objectives of the association, on behalf of the membership.

3. What excites you most about the role of project manager international events?

When I read the job description, it felt as if the role was made to measure! At this point in my career, I was looking for a job with an international focus and in which I have my own role and responsibilities, but where at the same time I am part of a team. I look forward to be working in such dynamic environment. In a role where I have yet a lot to learn, as I am new to the industry, but where I will have the room to personally set up plans, for which I will be fully responsible and accountable.

4. What do you hope to achieve or contribute?

My first aim is to get to know the membership and to learn about the structure of the organisation and its current plans and ambitions. In order for me to be able to actively contribute as soon as possible. I hope members will feel welcome to connect and to share their ideas, suggestions and wishes for future projects with me. Also I am, of course, very much looking forward to getting to know the other NAG team-members. To learn about the structure at the office and about how we best work together, in order to serve the membership to the full.

5. What’s one fun or interesting fact about yourself that you’d like us to know about?

I have an international outlook, strive to be non-judgemental and aim to keep an open mind. At the same time I’m happily living together with my three children in this small, typically Dutch village in the flower bulb growing area of the country, close to Keukenhof. That – and I love a tough boxing work out!