15 March 2024

Meeting HR-cluster Helder Kijken

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On March 12th the HR-cluster meeting “Helder Kijken” took place at Fokker Services Group in Hoofddorp. Thanks to Nathalie Valk, director People & Culture Fokker Services en Techniek for hosting and acting as chair of the meeting.

During the inspiration session by Jitske Koeleman “Helder Kijken”, participants learned to approach others with an open mind, enhancing communication and collaboration. Understanding body language fosters empathy and reduces bias. This improves daily office interactions, leading to better results and a more positive work environment.

It was a varied interactive workshop! At the end of the workshop, the participants were able to hand out appreciation cards to each other. The meeting ended with a network drink.

Helder kijken
Helder kijken
Helder kijken