9 September 2021

[MEMBER EVENT] Masterclass Cybersecurity Technology Park Ypenburg

At this event, TPY and Chapter8 will host a seminar on (digital) espionage with a small hacking demo.

This event is organised by Technology Park Ypenburg and hosted by Chapter8, seasoned experts in cybersecurity with a Purple Team-approach and an intelligence background.

Chapter8 will provide an interesting but not-so-technical masterclass on cybersecurity. Why is it that cybercrime is rampant? How come that classical-and digital espionage is so succesful? How did we end up in this situation, but more importantly: how do we get out? This masterclass will probably be underlined with a hacking demo.

The Chapter8 masterclass will not only provide you with real life scenarios, but also with tools, guidelines and countermeasures to improve your cybersecurity and to reduce the risk of espionage.

After the session snacks and drinks will be provided for a nice borrel.

Please note that there are limited spots (20) available at first-come first-serve basis.

Read more and register here.