18 May 2021

Mobility as a Service: Aerospace meets Rail

On Tuesday 11 May 2021, NAG organized the Aerospace meets Rail event in collaboration with Railforum.

The event was aimed at collecting ideas to link the two worlds, aerospace and rail, and to strengthen each other with Mobility as a Service. The purpose of the meeting: to share knowledge & experience, but above all to inspire each other to make new connections (both literally and figuratively). Not only for the long term, but especially also for the short term.

Corina de Jongh, director Railforum, and Jan Verbeek, Vice-chairman NAG / Partner ADSE Knowledge Management and Innovation, gave a brief introduction. Aad Veenman, figurehead top sector Logistics, gave an introductory presentation. This was followed by the following six presentations:

After the presentations, the participants could choose one of the six break-out sessions that were related to the topics of the presentations. Participants and speakers exchanged contact details to be able to contact each other after the event!

NAG and Railforum are considering a possible follow-up to the meeting. Suggestions are welcome and can be send to wilma.pronk@nag.aero.