17 March 2016

NAG DAEC aero engine market & technology study

The NAG has been asked to carry out a study on behalf of the DAEC (Dutch Aero Engine Cluster) with the aim to identify the potential for cooperation between companies and research institutes in the product-market combination Design and Manufacture and the product-market combination Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aero engines and aero engines components.

In the Netherlands, more than forty companies are active in the design, manufacture or repair of aero engines and/or aero engines components.

The market for aero engine (components) production and maintenance will grow strongly in the coming years, given the increase in the number of aircraft operating worldwide. This offers opportunities for Dutch industry.

On the one hand, the study is to assess the market trends and on the other the technology developments in both the product-market combination Design and Manufacture and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul(MRO). In addition, the study is to provide an overview of the current production and repair technologies presently available in the Dutch companies and research institutes. On the basis of this overview it will be investigated whether cooperation between Dutch companies could lead to a better proposition with an improved competitive position in the global market for aero engine production and/or maintenance.

In the third and fourth quarter of this year a number of companies and research institutes will be invited to participate in two roundtable session to take note of the above assessments and to jointly examine whether there are indeed opportunities for mutual cooperation.

The NAG provides the direction of the Aero Engine Market & Technology Study and is supported by the NLR and DGTA for the study execution.