25 May 2021

NAG General Assembly of Members, May 20th 2021

On Thursday May 20th, 2021, the General Assembly of Members took place. The GA was live streamed from KMWE Aerospace B.V. at the Brainport Industries Campus. All the speakers were attending at that location and all members participated online. The following theme was central during the GA: “You all have probably looked at the latest predictions how our sector will recover in the coming years. What we would like to add to these predictions is a spectacular view on the possible extreme scenarios of the future and how aviation could contribute in each scenario. And ultimately: what could be the impact for us?”.

During the formal part of the GA, Frank Jansen and Lex Besselink announced all the information about the office, board, LRN and the financial report. Frank Jansen introduced the new member AAS International and gave NAG Young Talent the opportunity to introduce themselves.

The informal part of the GA started with a virtual tour through KMWE and Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) presented by Edward Voncken, CEO KMWE. Frank Jansen interviewed Edward about the recovery of our sector in coming years.

Next, Ligeia Paletti, Management consultant for Aerospace Vehicles Division at Royal NLR, gave a presentation on the EREA vision study on four possible future scenario’s in 2050. During her presentation, Mentimeter was used to find out what the participants would like to see and expect in the future.

The GA was closed with a panel discussion about the subject of Ligeia’s presentation. The panel consisted of:

  • Lotte de Koning – NAG Young Talent Network & Innovation Lead at Vanderlande
  • Olaf Hoftijzer – Vice-president Sales Europe & Key Accounts at Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance
  • Ligeia Paletti – Management consultant for Aerospace Vehicles Division at Royal NLR
  • João Taborda – Director for Government Affairs Europe, Africa & Middle East at Embraer

The panel was positive about the future of the aviation sector.

On December 7th 2021, we hope to organize te next GA live.