29 March 2021

NAG Young Talent Network 1

On Thursday March 25th from 15:00 pm – 16:45 pm, the first NAG Young Talent Network took place. During this first session, the focus was on sustainable aviation discussed from the point of view of knowledge institutions.

For the start of this event, Frank Jansen, Managing director at the NAG, opened and spoke his motivation for the Young Talent Network. Afterwards, Bas de Glopper, Project Manager at KLM E&M, took over the role as event host. Bas de Glopper is one of the creators of the Young Talent Network.

The following presentations have been given:

After the presentations, the interest of the participants emerged and questions were asked. For the online networking moment, we made use of Remo. This tool was a new idea to make online networking easier. The participants took part via Remo and interesting conversations arose, which even extended the time!

We are going to organize another two Young Talent Networks this year on July 8th and October 8th 2021. Sander van Lochem (ADSE) will host the upcoming event. During this event the focus will be on the effects on three sectors of innovations as presented in the first event. The three sectors are: Infrastructure, Industry and operations.

Sander and Bas are both happy with the outcome of the first event and look forward to the upcoming events. They believe a big impact in the sector can be made by connecting young professionals via the NAG Young Talent Network. Besides that, it is important to give these young professionals a podium to speak out, they are the future of our sector.