4 March 2020

NAG Young Talent Network

Currently, a young generation is standing up who will shape our future. These young people not only have potential to strengthen our business, but also have unique talents and points of view that can provide the solutions we need. As we aim to make aerospace future proof, we want to start actively involving this younger generation in our activities and the developments in the sector.

Over the past few weeks we have been working, together with a team of young professionals, on establishing a network for young professionals in the Aerospace sector.
We proudly present: NAG Young Talent Network!

This cluster is meant as a tool to:

  • Fascinate and inspire young people for the sector
  • Create an open innovation structure / culture
  • Create a network for young professionals

We want to generate progress on sustainability issues, accelerate and provide innovative solutions that will strengthen the image of the sector!

We need your help!
We would like to appoint one young talent per organization that can act as a representative. The network is meant for young talents up to 35 years old from all different educational levels. We will organize events for these young professionals twice a year to achieve our goals together!

Don’t miss this opportunity and register a talent from your organisation now!

If you have any questions or you want to register your young talent now, please send an email to Jorik.schaalma@nag.aero