25 February 2021

New member: AAS International

  • Who are you?
  • My name is Frank de Koning. I am Managing Director and co-owner at All About Signs international B.V.
  • What does AAS International?
  • All About Signs International B.V. is a supplier of Runway & Taxiway guidance signs. Our signs are manufactured in The Netherlands in partnership with VDL.
  • Why chooses AAS International to join the NAG?
  • All About Signs is a relatively small and specialist supplier to the highly profesional and international Airport Operations business. Over many years the NAG has proven to be a solid and effective association looking after the interests of it’s members. We believe by teaming up with fellow Dutch companies in the NAG we become part of a greater network which gives us leverage to increase our exposure and compete on a larger scale.
  • What do you hope to achieve with your membership at the NAG?
  • Our main objective is to actively participate in the NAG network to provide and obtain market insights and commercial intelligence with regards to Airport Operations development programs, contract opportunities and upcoming projects at Civil and Military Airports worldwide.