29 August 2019

NLR at PIB Gulf Tulip, the cluster is getting stronger!

NLR has been closely involved with the Partners for International Business (PIB) program focused on the UAE and Oman since the beginning, but officially joined the cluster on 1 August. Both the cluster and the NAG are very happy with this. Ahmad Bakkar, Director New Business Development & Marketing Strategy of Civil aviation at Royal NLR, explains the choice for joining.

NLR accomplishes, among other things, a social role as litigator of aviation and Dutch aviation technical companies in the international market. As an innovative party, NLR spots opportunities for growth by working together with partners abroad. Working overseas adds new experiences and enhances our innovation boost. Having an End-to-End Value Chain Aerospace knowledge, NLR has a bridging role between the parties in the cluster (Airport Development, Manufacturing and MRO).

Ahmad sees the PIB as a valuable tool. The current PIB participants add complementary value and increase their business opportunities by working together over a period of 3 years.  All participants showcase the success of the Netherlands aviation industry. The support of the government (embassies, EZK, RVO) makes it possible to reach all relevant market parties at a high level. This support is essential to achieve the business goals.

Ahmad sees the golf region as one of the most growing areas in the world for companies in the aviation sector. Governments are inducing tools to increase business in the region such as Dubai expo 2020 and the world cup 2022. Post expo 2020, governments are preparing to induce more economic shocks that will be announced in due time. This is meant to boost the economy in the region.

Ahmad advises other parties with ambitions in the Gulf region to join the PIB Gulf Tulip.