26 January 2019

Partners for International Business program “Gulf Tulip” (UAE/Oman) started!

The Partners for International Business (PIB) program UAE/Oman recently started with a visit of a delegation to the UAE (Dubai) and Oman (Muscat) from 11-13 February. Companies who are participating in this PIB are: Deerns, Straaltechniek International BV, Stratagem Group BV, Stratagem Consulting, Aviavox, Proponent/Avio Diepen, KVE Composites Group and OXplus.

In Dubai, we visited the MRO Middle East and met with the newly contracted liaison Mr. Rainish Lalai. He will support our PIB participants in de UAE. In order to meet with our partners and potential customers, we were welcomed at the residence by the Consul General,  Mr. Hans Sandee. The reception was attended by 35 guests. In Oman we attended the contract ceremony where Mr. Sulaiman Al Aufi was assigned act as liaison for the cluster in Oman. The embassy organized a well-attended reception with introductions of the PIB partners and meetings with the local parties. At last we were invited by the Oman Aviation Group to join them for dinner.

The next event of the PIB will be a follow-up visit with a business program at the end of April, coinciding with the Airport Show Dubai.

Reception in Muscat with PIB partners and (potential) partner and customers