14 February 2017

PBSim B.V. and NDF Special Light Products B.V., 2 spin-off’s starting a co-operation

PBSim B.V. and NDF Special Light Products B.V. are proud to announce that they have reached an agreement to further intensify their co-operation in the coming years. Both companies are a spin-off of large multinationals; PBSim originates from Tulip Computers and NDF from Philips Lighting.

Both PBSim and NDF are well-known in the aerospace business. PBSim sells displays for cockpit simulators and has its office at Breda International Airport, whereas NDF is located nearby, in Roosendaal, and has a long history of supplying display systems to the high-end display market, amongst others cockpit displays. The companies met each other in 2014 and came to the conclusion that it could be interesting to work together, being at such as short distance from each other.
The aviation sector is rapidly growing. Current estimates predict a duplication of the number of airplanes in the coming 25 years! This automatically means that more and more pilots need to be trained and educated, which will result in an increasing demand for simulators. In the flight simulator and training market there is need for faster innovation, reliable systems and lower costs. Since 2014, PBSim has already transferred a part of its production to NDF. This renewed and intensified co-operation will allow for a more powerful combination in the field of product development and sales.

Coen van ’t Westeinde, Partner NDF Special Light Products B.V.: “This co-operation gives NDF and PBSim the opportunity to further introduce our advanced display technology in the aerospace sector, where sustainability and quality are of the utmost importance. The NDF ARPHOS® technology offers optimal color- and light quality which guarantees a realistic flight experience for pilots. We have faith that our joint approach will result in the perfect answer for any question from the simulator market. Both PBSim’s network and their salesforce will be an added value to NDF.”
Martin H. Schoonderbeek, CEO and partner PBSim B.V. : “NDF has impressed us with their innovative products, their reliable solutions and their open way of working. We have had good experience in the past few years in outsourcing part of our production to NDF. This renewed co-operation enables us to combine our efforts and to meet the demands of both commercial and military customers for flight simulator displays and spare parts.”
Stef Have, CEO Forum Group BV, owner of PBSim: “The current timeframe and the rapid technological developments require a compact value chain. It allows Forum Group to add value to our products and to distinguish our products in the market. This partnership is not a means to consolidation, but a way to strengthen it through vertical integration.

About NDF
NDF Special Light Products BV originated from a management buy-out of Philips Lighting. Two former employees started producing Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps for high-end LCD displays. NDF has developed itself to market leader on display technology in the last 17 years. A new development called ARPHOS® has resulted in several custom-made solutions. The company is not only active in the professional LCD backlighting market, but has also a lot of expertise in the field of decorative lighting.
NDF is ISO 9001: 2008 certified; a worldwide standard for quality.

Over PBSim
PBSim B.V. designs and produces components and displays for professional (commercial and military) flight simulators, both motion and non-motion. PBSim originated from PaceBlade Technology, a former subsidiary of Tulip Computers.
In 1998 PaceBlade Technology was acknowledged by Microsoft as producer of innovative rugged tablet pc’s. For years these pc’s were used in the NASA Space Shuttle program and in the International Space Station. In 2012, all activities for the professional flight simulator industry were combined into the new PBSim organization in order to reach more focus and specialism in this growing market

About Forum Group
Forum Group B.V. is the aerospace partner for government, defense and corporates businesses. In this demanding and challenging niche market, Forum Group is able to participate in various business issues. It is the combination of excellent knowledge about corporate finance, extensive experience in the aerospace market, 150 years of flight experience and over 100.000 flight hours on airliners, war planes and helicopters that make Forum Group an appropriate partner for many customers. Forum Group actively supports its subsidiaries through a strategic investment model. This allows the subsidiary to maintain its identity and dynamics but also to accomplish growth and investment possibilities in their core business and their corporate support; enabling Forum Group to achieve the required synergy through this collaboration. Since 2013, PBSim is an affiliate of Forum Group.

For questions and information, please contact:
PBSIM: info@PBSIM.aero or Martin Schoonderbeek: +31 6 51408113