22 March 2018

PIB Gulf Tulip

Excellent news from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency – RVO.nl: The proposal for the Partners International Business project: Gulf Tulip, has been approved! Congratulations to the participants of this interesting program. The next weeks will be used to set up an activity plan in cooperation with the participants, RVO, the ministries of Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure & Water.

Where necessary or applicable the respective embassies of Oman and/or the UAE will be asked for help and input. Once the activity plan has been approved a covenant with minister Kaag will be signed. Then the real work starts: execution of the great ideas and projects that are part of Gulf Tulip. We update you on a regular basis.

 For more information, please contact Daan Sjerp
E: daan.sjerp@nag.aero
T: +31 88 1976 108