11 October 2017

Report round table discussions – NAG’s Theme Day 27/09/17

In the morning of 27th of September representatives of the Dutch Engineering companies gathered around the NAG round table with topic: Engineering Network – an environment which binds and fascinates.

Among the guests were companies with employees active in the aviation industry. Also other sectors’ representatives such as energy, oil & gas and mobility; Knowledge institutions, including NLR & TUD, TUs were involved.

This event was made possible by the TKI’s contribution within the HTSM top sector.

The questions that form the basis of the workshop were:
– Can we compete as a Dutch aviation collective abroad?
– How can we capture the peaks and downs inherent in the aviation sector for engineering?

The following solutions have been given in the presentations:
– Diversification
– (Disruptive) innovation
– Globalization
– Skills and competences (agile, system engineering, requirements management).

During the afternoon on the same day anouther round table filled in the NAG’s Theme Day program, especially for the Aircraft Manufacturing segment members. Under the motto: From build-to-print to IP owner, apr. 30 guests discussed vividly the present and future position of the Dutch production companies.

Interested to see some of the slides?
Engineering slides from the morning session
Aircraft Manufacturing slides from the afternoon session

Pictures of the NAG Theme Day will follow soon.

The session was made possible by a topsector HTSM TKI grant.