8 September 2022


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On September 8th the cross sectoral meeting “the operational control of spare parts” took place. We were happy with the warm welcome and good care of Fokker Services, hosting this meeting in Hoogerheide. We had a nice turnout of 28 participants.

We were welcomed by the host and chairman of the day, Edwin Poldermans, MD AMRO, CMRO & Location Director Fokker Services Woensdrecht.

The welcome was followed by five presentations:

  • Luitenant-Kolonel Roberto Joannes, RNL AF F-3 European Regional Warehouse & Logistics Lead airbase Woensdrecht  – RNLAF Supply Chain Management
  • René de Koning, Founder/CEO One Logistics & F35 Logistics Lead NLD – Update F-35 Supply Chain
  • Dirk Hanenberg, MD Component & Material Services at Fokker Services – Component & Material Services
  • Robert Smyczynski, Material Representative Commercial Spare Parts Embraer about Component Maintenance & Repair
  • René de Koning – Director Supply Chain Tesseract Europe BV – Cross Sectoral Supply Chain F-35 Defense with Life Sciences & Healthcare – “more similarities than differences”.

After the presentations there was a paneldiscussion (with all the speakers) led by Edwin Poldermans

The meeting ended with a network drink.