19 May 2020

Report online IQ-cluster meeting “How do we see the future”

On May 13th the NAG has organized a second online IQ-cluster meeting. During the first session about the impact of Covid-19, there appeared to be interest in a follow-up session focused on “the way forward” and “looking ahead”. The accompanying report contains a detailed summary of the topics discussed during the meeting and which topics will be discussed in the follow-up meeting.

During the session the following topics were addressed:

  • Some say “Never waste a good crisis” – What opportunities do we see?
  • How do we include certification bodies in our actions to keep going?
  • Exchange of personnel / job market – some organizations have staff shortages where others have too many employees, can we help each other?
  • Responsiveness of stakeholders – now that many companies have sent employees on furlough
  • How can we help each other otherwise – with calibrations, etc?

During the meeting, it was agreed to organize a third online IQ – cluster meeting before summer about the practical / operational (work place / office level) future scenarios (e.g. how are we going back to the office). Other topics, such as future scenarios and setting up a “Risk Register” will be discussed after summer.

The NAG is happy to make the recording of the online session available to those who were unable to participate or who would like to listen to the recordings again.