8 April 2020

Report online IQ-cluster session of April 3th

The preparations for the IQ-cluster meeting started weeks before the COVID-19 crisis erupted. When the crisis reached the European borders, we realized that organizations needed their full attention to rearrange their own affairs. We therefore responded quickly by adapting the subject of the meeting to a theme related to the contemporary problems. In consultation with the preparatory group of the meetings (ADSE, GKN Fokker, KLM and Technobis Fiber Technologies), there was decided to organize an online session aimed at identifying the concerns of the quality participants within the sector. This identification helped the NAG to device where organizations could possibly provide support to each other and to device where the NAG could offer help within this process. The report of the meeting of April 3th, demonstrates where the quality participants have concerns and where they see opportunities for cooperation, such as sharing critical knowledge and calibration equipment.

On May 6 th from 11:00 to 12:00 we organize a follow-up meeting. If you are interested in participating, please reserve this date in your agenda, the invitation will follow shortly.

<Due to the special situation in which we find ourselves, the NAG will temporarily not charge any costs for participating in online activities>