16 June 2020

Report online meeting Aircraft Interiors Cluster “Does COVID-19 create a new product demand?”

On June 11th the NAG has organized an online Aircraft Interiors Cluster meeting. The accompanying report contains a detailed summary of the meeting.

During the session the following topics were addressed:

  • What demand for new or modified products does the Corona crisis raise? What ideas do you have about that?
  • What does the Corona crisis mean for your company now and in the future? What does your company do to survive? How does your company deal with upscaling in the bridging period and then upscaling again?

A follow up session will be organized in autumn on the theme “Does COVID-19 create a new product demand”. We are then in the next phase of the pandemic. We also know then how we got through the summer, in which many people travelled again. What does the situation look like for us and the rest of the world? It has been agreed to split the discussion into short-term solutions and the impact on long-term interior solutions (not only innovations, but also portfolio management). The airlines and lease companies will be asked to join the discussion.

The NAG is happy to make the recording of the online session available to those who were unable to participate or who would like to listen to the recordings again