1 July 2016 D2RAGON

Report seminar IP & Export Compliance towards the Chinese Aviation Market

As part of the program D2RAGON the NAG organized a one-day seminar on IP & Export Compliance on June 28th, 2016 at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) in Amsterdam. About 25 members that are already active or interested in the Chinese (aviation) market from all segments of the NAG attended the seminar. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was also present to answer questions.

During the seminar Bas Peters of Vriesendorp & Gaade and Jasper Helder of Baker McKenzie gave insights and practical trips in the area of respectively IP and Export Compliance. In addition, two specialist from member companies, André Hermsen of Fokker Technologies Holding en Victor Paulissen of TNO shared their experience in both areas. In the working session in the afternoon the participants shared knowledge and experience and discussed relevant cases.

After the seminar the participants obtained a shared view on risks in the field of IP and Export Compliance towards the Chinese Aviation Market. The cluster of D2RAGON is now working on a plan to balance opportunities and risks in the cooperation with China.

For any questions, please contact Wilma Pronk, tel: (088) 1976103, wilma.pronk@nag.aero