22 September 2021

Report workshop “How to create new business in a creative way?”

On Tuesday September 21th, 2021, NAG organized the workshop “How to create new business in a creative way?” in collaboration with innovation consultancy firm Hello New Day. This workshop was a follow-up on the online Open Innovation event of Thursday May 27th, 2021.

In this first session, the desire to collaborate within the aerospace sector, but also across sectors, was identified. Collaboration is desired, because due to external factors, such as COVID19 and the energy transition, many companies and SME’s need to disruptively innovate their products and services. In a highly specialized and standardized industry, such as the aerospace industry, disruptive innovation is often difficult to achieve by individual parties.

In the second session, which was live in YES!Delft, we expanded on the findings from the first session. The goal of this session was to find out how this (cross-sectoral) collaboration through open innovation could be achieved and on which topics collaboration was most desired. Besides, the participants were eager to learn more about the activities of the other participants.
In order to collaborate, you must first understand your partners. Therefore, the participants were encouraged to literally step in each other’s shoes. First, the group identified other’s direct and indirect stakeholders. Second, the ‘pains and gains’ of the different stakeholders were identified. Because of these exercises, we found that different parties often experience similar pains and gains. The main topics, for which collaboration is needed, were identified.

You can view the presentation of the meeting here.

The workshop was made possible by a TKI HTSM grant.

In a next session, next steps towards a joint initiative on these main topics will be taken. Suggestions are welcome and can be sent to wilma.pronk@nag.aero.

Quotes from participants:

Very valuable to explore innovation in all aspects of our industry with this group of members and to make it concrete. I wish all members of the NAG to attend these sessions.

I am happy that I have cancelled another appointment – the session provided many new insights, both in terms of market developments and in terms of approach

An excellent opportunity to get to know each other to make strides within the aerospace sector by learning from each other and finding the connection by including each other’s knowledge and skills in projects. Highly recommended to participate in these workshops more often.

You know your own network quite well but by sparring with others you get a much more complete picture about what is going on and how others handle it.

Moving into the other parties (not your direct customers) in the ecosystem provides new insights for business opportunities