9 April 2018

On the road with NAG: new things coming up!

Startups for an innovative Aerospace and Aviation industry


Innovation is key to stay ahead of the competition in the international market. There is a need for innovation and improvement in the interests of the entire Dutch Aerospace and Aviation industry. Last year’s study by Starburst and NAG has shown that the number of Aerospace and Aviation start-ups is low compared to the large number of Aerospace and Aviation students. As the NAG strives for the continuous optimization of its members’ ability to compete internationally, we committed ourselves to boost the startup community in the Aerospace and Aviation industry and help our members innovate by connecting them to the startup community.

To start this project, the NAG initiated a round table together with KLM Engineering & Maintenance, who warmly welcomed us last Thursday April 5th at their headquarter at Schiphol Oost with coffee, tea and sweets. Together with Fokker Technologies, Airborne, NLR, TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Vanderlande and ADSE we sat down to achieve a shared vision regarding startups and to establish a joint plan of action.

The diverse companies around this table shared their valuable perspectives and input what has led us to clear insights and a shared vision on innovation and startups in the Aerospace and Aviation industry. We want more startups in the Aviation industry, improve the cooperation between the startups and companies and manage this centrally. How you might ask? Open innovation: working together and share knowledge and experience.

As guests at KLM E&M a tour in the hangar where it ‘all happens’ could not be missed. We were guided around by chief fleet and chief maintenance and we were lucky enough, that we could even take a close and extensive look at a Boeing 777 in maintenance. Many thanks to our hosts Flip Martens, Bas de Glopper and Stefania Porozantzidou from KLM E&M who welcomed us openly and treated us so well!

The collected insights from this session require follow-up. Together with the enthusiastic parties already involved in this round table, we will take the next steps. Involving more NAG members is one of the first steps in order to compose an even more accurate proposition. The NAG will make a proposal for an organizational structure based on a collective approach. This structure has the aim to connect companies with appropriate startups. A first event is targeted to take place around November 2018 where NAG members can be connected to national and international startups.

We look forward to bring all these parties together and improve the startup ecosystem. To be continued!