19 June 2018

Round table about digitization

The ongoing digitization of products, services and processes in the aviation industry has prompted the NAG to organize a round table on the subject. Hopefully the first of a series of knowledge events to exchange ideas and learn more about the possibilities of the different aspects of Industry 4.0.

This first event was kindly hosted by NAG member IBM in their head office in Amsterdam.

After a warm welcome by Michael van den Berg, Sales Manager IBM Solutions Unit, the meeting was kicked of by a short introduction of the reasons for organizing the event by Daan Sjerp, NAG.

Michael Nees, Senior Account Manager IoT (internet of things) at IBM introduced the attendees to an industry 4.0 world where everything is connected and paper will eventually become obsolete.

Pieter Dejonghe, Business Development Consultant at Siemens Industry Software then explained the possibilities and necessity of making a solid assessment of the Digitization status of your company. Through a series of examples we were led through all the different aspects of setting up and/or implementing a digitization strategy.

Finally Gertjan Edelijn of Axians set up an Industrial IoT Awareness Workshop, followed by a good discussion round about the needs of digitization and the exchange of ideas through NAG events.

Themes for possible events that came up were the acceptance of technical developments by stakeholders, predictive maintenance, prescriptive analytics and prototyping. Great ideas that we are definitely going to explore.

We would like to thank Linda de Borst of IBM for being a fabulous host!