26 November 2019

Round Table Urban Air Mobility November 25th, 2019

On  Monday the 25th of November, 2019, the Round Table Urban Air Mobility (UAM) took place with the purpose of giving a wider insight into the future of UAM and give the participants the opportunity to discuss about their thoughts on UAM.

We would like to thank Raymond van der Meer, Corporate Public & EU Affairs at the Royal NLR and (European) ambassador of Urban Air Mobility for moderating this meeting. Also a big thank you to the Royal NLR for hosting this meeting at their office in Amsterdam.

To start off the afternoon, 5 experts in the field of UAM introduced and showed a wide range of subjects that are important for UAM. A couple of examples are: difficulties, trends, uses and applications of UAM. The presenters and presentations can be found below.

After these introduction presentations, we split up in two groups and had discussions about the following subjects: ‘’We should not fly people before we are convinced that the technology & infrastructure is safe enough’’, ‘’Airspace in the Netherlands is already limited which will make UAMs near impossible to fit in’’ and ‘’Which new skills are needed for the engineers and professionals working in the UAM sector ?’’. One of the main outcomes of this discussion was sustainability. How do you make UAM a sustainable business that is not just for the ‘’happy few’’?

If you have any suggestions for  future meetings or want to host a meeting concerning Urban Air Mobility, please email Wilma Pronk at: wilma.pronk@nag.aero

The Round Table was made possible by a TKI HTSM grant.