14 March 2016 PIB France

Royal attention for the Dutch-French aerospace cooperation

The visit of our King and Queen to France was accompanied by the Dutch business community in which the Aerospace was a selected theme.

On last Friday,11th of March, the business program in Paris started with an Expert Breakfast Meeting in Le Train Bleu at Gare de Lyon. Four French experts from GIFAS, GGAC, Airbus and KLM-Air France shared their views with eleven Dutch companies on the challenges and opportunities of our sector. After the Expert meeting the program continued at the Cité de la Mode. At this location the Innovation Parade was set up with innovations from joint French-Dutch cooperation.

© Economic mission to France, 2016

Also, a moderated discussion took place between French and Dutch aerospace industry. The topics of this moderated discussion were about sharing ideas to improve the aerospace cooperation between the two nations. At the end of this meeting the innovation Parade was visited by the royal couple. The aerospace corner was visited by The King who paid a lot of attention to the innovations and had a short discussion with the NAG, Ten Cate, Airbus, the JEC organization and Fokker.

The State Visit gave good exposure to contracts that were signed during the event between Fokker and Airbus, between Ten Cate and Airbus, between Airborne, Fokker and Airbus Helicopters and between NAG and Starburst. The latter is about the joint study to determine the Dutch start-up ecosystem for aerospace and aviation and to identify means of improvement with support of Starburst and Airbus.

© Stephanie Knibbe, Economic Mission to Paris, 2016

This mission was a great success for our sector and I would like to address special thanks to the Dutch embassy in Paris and RVO for the excellent organization of this event.

Frank Jansen