20 February 2020

Seminar opportunities Brazil

Recently the presentation of the market update on Airport Development & Infrastructure in Brazil was presented at the Dutch Enterprise Agency. Nico Smid, the business development coach for the region hosted the event. Marcelo Cantor, the NAG representative in Brazil, presented the current situation in Brazil and the opportunities for the Dutch industry. Brazil has seen remarkable economic growth in the last few year, mainly due to liberalization of the aviation market, new policies and the reorganization of the investment and tax systems. Airport concession is part of a broader policy seeking to increase the supply of air transportation services in the country. In the next years, Brazil will auction a large number of airports, some individually and many in clusters. The liberalization of the aviation market offers opportunities from airport management, to planning, to infrastructure to in terminal solutions.

In 2020 22 airports will be granted to the private sector, including some of the state capitals, such as Curitiba, Manaus and Goiania. There is clear interest in the Dutch industry from the Brazilian Ministry of Transport and other government bodies. The companies present have committed to the exploration of a fact finding mission in Q2 or Q3 of this year. The presentations from the Brazil meeting are available here and the market update report will be available in March.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the initiatives or staying up-to-date by getting in touch with Liselotte Zoetmulder, Liselotte.zoetmulder@nag.aero.