21 December 2016 Start-up Support

Start-ups can make a difference

The NAG members need to stay ahead of competition in the international market. Start-ups can play an important role in that.

Start-ups bring new technologies, innovative services, alternative business models and improving processes for production and maintenance. Therefore the NAG is supporting the Start-up ecosystem in the Netherlands to generate more start-ups relevant to the Aerospace and Aviation industry. A recent study by Starburst and NAG has shown that the number of Aerospace and Aviation start-ups is low compared to the large number of Aerospace and Aviation students. Also we found at least four regions to be active in Aerospace and/or Aviation start-ups. Improving the cooperation between these regions is expected to have significant positive effect on the output, more successful start-ups. Connecting the start-ups to the members and international market has only started recently and is expected to have big impact.

Starburst and NAG together with Innovation Quarter are determining the next steps to actually improve the start-up ecosystem.