20 January 2016

“Surface Treatment” and GTM Advanced Structures launch a new partnership

SCE/SCU, the owner of Surface Treatment Nederland BV, and GTM-AP, owner of GTM Advanced Structures BV today announced a partnership to develop and manufacture components and parts for the Aerospace market. With this partnership a solid, independent Aerospace entity will be established in the Netherlands.

“We are complementary companies and together we can create products with an integrated approach; one that covers the whole process from fundamental material development up to component manufacturing.” said Jan Willem Gunnink, founder of GTM Advanced Structures. “This is essential to meet the demands of especially the Aerospace market, which is dominated by continuous faster time to market and the ever increasing complexity of product development.”

“The partnership with ‘Surface Treatment’ is very special to us. Their leading coating technology with associated unique R&D is a crucial factor for Aerospace product development. Therefore, I strongly believe that the combination of our companies is best positioned to create novel advanced products for our customers and that they will also benefit from our combined R&D and dedicated manufactured parts and components”.


‘Surface Treatment’ is a leading company in unique and exclusive coating systems for metals. It has it’s headquarter in The Netherlands and entities across Europe and USA to serve customers globally.


GTM Advanced Structures performs R&D activities and manufactures products especially for the Aerospace market and is well known for its expertise in the field of Fibre Metal Laminates, of which GLARE® is the best known grade.


GTM-AP – GTM Advanced Structures
Jan Willem Gunnink
+31 70 319 5030

SCE/SCU – ‘Surface Treatment’
John Tummers
+31 47 546 3835

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