18 May 2017

Sustainable Forward MOOC – a way to get inspired how to make your business more sustainable

Even in the aerospace, space and defense sector, is no longer possible to work without considering being sustainable. Perhaps you’re already busy with this topic, and maybe there is a lot to be gained by inspiring you in a new way. Therefore, KvK (the Dutch Chamber of Trade) would like to invite you to attend the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) ‘Sustainable Forward’, a mix of an online course and a social platform for SME entrepreneurs.

Are you also ready to take a step forward sustainability? Especially for all SME entrepreneurs who wants to be sustainable, the Chamber of Trade organizes this MOOC to provide you with inspiration and tools towards sustainable opportunities for your company. Participation is free.

What is it?
The MOOC ‘Sustainable Forward’ starts on May 15th. This initiative is a mix of an online course and a social platform. From a logical structure you will walk 4 blocks in 4 weeks. These blocks contain a wide variety of items that expose the subject from different sides. From short movies to fascinating articles and useful links. At the end of each block, an assignment is ready for you to bring the freshly acquired insights into practice into your business.

This is what the program looks like
The MOOC ‘Sustainable Forward’ helps you in 4 blocks to sustain your own business:

  • Block 1: Discover your sustainable opportunities
  • Block 2: Set priorities and focus
    This block gives you insight into what themes are for your business and where your priorities lie;
  • Block 3: Make it feasible
    You get tools to preserve your business, both technically and economically, but also from the perspective of collaboration;
  • Block 4: Enhance sustainability in your business
    Finally, you will learn how to anchor sustainability structurally in your business. Employees, smart marketing and good monitoring are key concepts.

Why not miss this?
Top business owners openly and honestly tell their route on their way to sustainability. With their tips and advice you can get started right away.

  • Leading experts will lead you and show you how to be sustainable in your own business.
  • You are following the MOOC ‘Sustainable Forward’ together with other entrepreneurs. Their input helps you to sharpen your own ideas or possibly even take a sustainable step forward.
  • Using special assignments, you can put into practice the acquired insights into your business.
  • You are building a very valuable network.
  • You can sign in and participate when you arrive (24/7).
  • You get a lot back for your investment in time (4 weeks, about 2 hours a week).
  • Participation is free.

Learn more and sign up at www.kvk.nl/duurzaamvooruit
you will find more information and you can register for free.