28 September 2023

The Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC)

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The Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC) is a premier aviation conference held in conjunction with the Singapore Air Show 2024. It is a biennial event, jointly organised by the Republic of Singapore Air Force, Air Engineering & Logistics Department (RSAF, AELD) and the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE).

SATEC provides a platform for engineers and researchers from government, defence, industry and academia to present and discuss key developments and advancements in aerospace technology and engineering. The conference aims to enhance aerospace engineering competencies and promote greater understanding and cooperation between participants.

The theme of SATEC 2024 is Thinking of the New Era of Aerospace Technologies. Increasing global focus on sustainability and the relentless development of Industry 4.0 technologies present new opportunities for aerospace innovation. SATEC 2024 is thus interested in your papers that cover (a) the future of maintenance; (b) green aerospace; (c) smart airports; (d) advanced aerospace technologies; and (e) unmanned technologies. See Annex A.

We are pleased to invite you and your organisation to present your papers at SATEC 2024. This is an excellent opportunity to network and share your work with fellow aviation engineering professionals.

Event Details:

Date: 21st February 2024
Venue: Suntec City
This is also an excellent opportunity for your company to network with the leaders and management of global aerospace companies.

Key Highlights:
Engaging Keynote presentations from industry leaders.
Interactive panel discussions on the latest aerospace trends.
Networking sessions to connect with professionals and peers.

To register your interest and any enquiries on participating or sponsorship of the event, please contact us at +65 98209017 or email aero@siae.org.sg. You can follow us on our event page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/satec-community.

We sincerely look forward to your support and participation!

Best Regards,

Thiveshraj Segaran

On behalf of
Nicholas Tan
Co-Chairman, SATEC 2024
Hon Secretary, SIAE

Annex A: SATEC 2024 Areas of Interests

1) The Future of Maintenance. New and emerging maintenance technologies will continue to enhance the speed, accuracy and safety of aircraft maintenance. This track aims to focus on topics such as predictive maintenance with AI/ML, the use of robotics in hangar operations, and incorporating additive manufacturing into the aerospace supply chain.

2) Green Aerospace. As environmental concerns become a global priority, the aviation industry has taken bold steps towards a more sustainable future with the adoption of green technologies to improve the life cycle sustainability of aircraft Operation & Support (O&S). This track aims to explore what it would take to sustainably power the next generation of aircraft, how aircrafts could be redesigned for greater efficiency, and the certifications needed to realise a sustainable future.

3) Smart Airports. Advancements in 4IR technologies offer many opportunities for the aviation industry to operate more effectively and efficiently. These include the automation of ground support equipment, incorporation of AI-enabled decision support and resource management systems and ensuring these networked infrastructures are cyber-secure. This track aims to explore how these technologies can be adapted for airport operations both today and in the future.

4) Advanced Aerospace Technologies. Since the Wright brothers, aerospace technologies have developed exponentially. Ground-breaking fundamental research will continue to drive improvement in aircraft performance, reliability and sustainability. This track aims to focus on research in advanced materials, hypersonic propulsion, and new aircraft design concepts.

5) Unmanned Technologies. Advancements in edge processing, sensors, networks, manufacturing and battery technologies have enabled a new generation of unmanned technologies. This track aims to explore the democratisation of unmanned technologies, and the opportunities they present