23 April 2024

Two new projects launched: National Collective Business Plan (NCBP) and Strengthening Ecosystems (SEA)

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Only investing in knowledge innovations is not enough to create earning capacity. Sectoral and cross-sectoral cooperation between knowledge (institutes), industry and government (politics) among themselves and with Dutch and foreign customers will determine whether the growth objectives for the aviation ecosystem will be realised. To promote cooperation, two new projects have been launched.

NCBP is financially supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and provides the strategic agenda for collective marketing in the aviation ecosystem and the associated governance process. The aim is to strengthen the earning capacity of the Dutch aviation industry by turning the challenges in the areas of sustainability, energy transition, scarcity of personnel, and other forces on the international supply chain into opportunities through good cooperation.

The strategic agenda is based on current strengths and the innovations that (may) follow from the industry’s chosen R&T positions (in RDM, Clean Aviation, LiT, TSH, etc.) and from cross-sectoral cooperation.

The NCBP is being lead by Jan Verbeek of ADSE.

Strengthening the Dutch aviation ecosystem (SEA)
The Aviation in Transition sub-project SEA aims to strengthen the Dutch aviation ecosystem by:

  • creating awareness of the value of Intellectual Property (IP) and disseminating knowledge on IP protection, thereby strengthening Dutch IP positions.
  • offering knowledge in the field of public and private financing opportunities and supporting the ecosystem in making financing roadmaps that match the technological and marketing roadmaps
  • improving the collective organising capacity of the ecosystem in the field of certification, general knowledge of the business networks (at home and abroad), knowledge of automation solutions in NL, and cross-sector collaboration opportunities, especially to support smaller companies and start-ups with this.

On the websites of the NAG and of LiT, we will inform you about the mentioned topics. In addition, several physical theme meetings will be held.

Strengthening Ecosystems is being led by Peter Kortbeek.

Suggestions regarding the interpretation of NCBP and SEA are always welcome.

contact: jan.verbeek@nag.aero (NCBP), peter.kortbeek@nag.aero (SEA)