25 January 2023

We want YOU(NG)!

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Young NAG aims to bring together enthusiastic young professionals within the Dutch aviation sector. We want to challenge the sector to become sustainable, increase digitalisation and allow youth to personally grow and take leadership.

We are calling on all NAG members to support and empower their young colleagues to join the Young NAG and participate in the activities and events they will be organising, including networking drinks, workshops, company visits and a special program at the Paris Air show. Motivated employees with a strong network and an understanding of the latest developments in the sector are an important asset to your company and to the Dutch aviation sector as a whole.

Young NAG is open to anyone under the age of 35 or for those who are new to the sector and want to learn. You can follow us and stay up to date on events through our LinkedIn page, and sign up to become a member through our sign-in sheet.