30 March 2022

Workshop Predictive Maintenance in the Aerospace Industry

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On March 29th the workshop Predictive Maintenance in the Aerospace Industry took place at KLM Engineering & Maintenance (E&M). We warmly thank them for hosting this meeting. Also special thanks to Wouter Kalfsbeek,  Program Leader Bigdata, for organizing the meeting from the side of KLM E&M.

Before the actual workshop, a group of 20 persons were guided around Hangar 14 where the major maintenance work (the so-called C-checks) take place. A unique look behind the scenes!

Over 50 participants were taking part in the program.

Jacob Derks, Project Developer at World Class Maintenance, acted as chairman of the day. He started with a short introduction and explanation of the purpose of the meeting.

After that there was a welcome by the host of the meeting, Paul Chün, Vice-President Technology Hub KLM Engineering & Maintenance.

The introduction and the welcome were followed by two presentations:

  • Presentation by Nathan Eskue, Professor Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing at TU Delft Faculty Aerospace Engineering “Predictive Maintenance: An Uncomfortable Introduction”
  • Presentation by Rob Stolk, Predictive Maintenance Lead at Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance: “Prognos: Predictive Maintenance at AFI KLM E&M”

To deepen the theme, there were three workshops:

  • Challenges on Data Sharing
    • Workshop leader: Leon Gommans, Science Officer, Air France KLM Group IT, professor Data Exchange Systems, University of Amsterdam
  • Predictive Maintenance to support asset management.
    • Workshop leader: Maurice Jilderda, Business Development Manager – Industry 4.0 at Perfact Group
  • Developing predictive models and algorithms
    • Workshop leader: Pauline Vos, Research & Development Engineer at Gas Turbines & Structural Integrity Department at NLR – Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

The meeting ended with a network drink.

The event was made possible by a TKI HTSM grant