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Aero Engine Round Table: "Beyond LEAN – digital twin"

The NAG (in close cooperation with the DGTA) organises an Aero Engine Round Table on Wednesday November 21 from 13:00 – 17:00 hrs at the Digital Factory for Composites (Airborne/Siemens) in The Hague with the theme “Beyond LEAN – digital twin” .

The majority of companies have institutionalised process optimisation by making continuous improvement (LEAN) and reduction of variation (six sigma) part of their way of working. As engine production & maintenance volumes increase and on-time delivery is becoming the new norm, companies are forced to find novell ways in which to improve operational excellence. Digital twin provides the company with the possibility to simulate its current production or maintenance process and to (offline) simulate various scenarios which enable further efficiency improvements.

The purpose of the “Beyond LEAN – digital twin” Round Table is to provide an overview of the latest developments in process simulation based on the digital twin tool, to show applications within as well as outside the aerospace production / maintenance domain, and to discuss the future potential of this tool in terms of providing an additional competitive advantage for small & medium size companies.

The following key-note speakers are providing presentations based on their company's experience:

  • Marcus Kremers, CTO Airborne "Introduction Digital Factory for Composites
  • Jeroen Penris, Business Development Manager Siemens Digital Industry "Introduction Digital Enterprise"
  • Pieter Dejonghe, Business Consultant Siemens PLM Software "Driving the digital enterprise with digital twins"

During the round table discussion following the key-note presentations the following questions will be addressed:

  • how are process improvements to be identified?
  • how can the impact of a process improvement be predicted?
  • what are the positive and negative experiences related to scenario planning?
  • what are the possibilities for digital twin applications in the aerospace production / maintenance domain?

The Round Table is of particular interest for companies faced with the challenge of further improving their operational excellence as wel as for companies providing digital tools to enable this. Thus, engineering managers and/or operational managers may benefit by attending as it provides exposure potential applications of a digital twin in their current, or new to develop, operational environment.

Location/guided tour
The Digital Factory for Composites provides you with the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the automated composites solutions based on the digital twin concept.

There is no participation fee for this Aero Engine Round Table. This event is made possible by a topsector HTSM TKI grant.

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Laan van Ypenburg 42
2497 GB Den Haag Netherlands

From: 21 Nov 2018
Till: 21 Nov 2018


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  • Aircraft Maintenance
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