25 June 2024

Dutch Aerospace Leaders Explore AI Innovation at NAG Meeting

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On June 17th, the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) AI Special Interest Group (SIG) hosted its second online meeting, bringing together over 30 attendees for a collaborative discussion on advancing AI within the Dutch aerospace industry.

One example of this collaboration is a project where KLM E&M is leveraging AI to streamline maintenance procedures, leading to significant cost savings and improved aircraft availability.

The meeting featured insightful presentations from Lisa Belkhichane (Dassault Systèmes) Showcasing their platform’s capabilities in empowering AI development, Dirk Bresser (UsherAI), demonstrating how AI can optimise airport runway traffic flow, Marc van Leeuwen (KLM) Presenting KLM’s innovative use of AI in their engineering and maintenance departments and Ben Nieuwland (Proponent), sharing his expertise on developing custom-built AI tools for the aviation supply chain.

The NAG AI SIG is a valuable platform for Dutch aerospace companies to share knowledge, explore best practices, and drive innovation. 

Next autumn, we plan to organise another live event with matchmaking. Stay tuned for updates on future meetings and join the movement bringing the Dutch aerospace industry forward!

See presentations: